7 Tips for Checking into a Hotel at Midnight | They Actually Work! 

hotel check-in after midnight

Traveling logistics, in general, is a major stress inducing activity for everyone. Those logistics include a lot of different aspects that are required for a thoroughly planned trip.  

Planning a trip to any location, of course, requires us to book a hotel for our stay at our destination. There are hundreds of options for hotels available online, so the first and foremost step is to choose your hotel wisely. 

Make sure to take your time checking out potential hotels online before deciding on a reservation for your vacation. Scope out hotels that are suitable to your budget and needs, then check out their customer reviews, reservation and cancellation policy, area they’re situated in, amenities like parking area in the hotel property, etc. 

A trusted website that can provide you with all this information on most hotels is Trivago. Checking into a hotel at any given time, let alone midnight is quite an ordeal, even for the most level-headed people.

Maybe you’ve been in such a situation before, or perhaps you’re planning a trip to a specific destination and are concerned about how to check into a hotel at midnight! For the purpose of this article, we’ll talk specifically about tips on how to do that.

Not only will checking into a hotel at midnight be more cost effective, but it is also more available for booking a reservation. So for more information, keep on reading to learn about tips for checking into a hotel at midnight without any hassles.

A List of the 7 Tips for Checking into a Hotel at Midnight 

Now that we are acquainted with why checking into a hotel at midnight is beneficial, let’s get into the long awaited list of tips. So without further ado, let’s learn about 7 tips for checking into a hotel at midnight; they are given as follows: 

1. Communicating with the Authority 

One of the most essential factors that you should consider when checking into a hotel at midnight is to call beforehand and let them know that you’ll be arriving quite late, specifically at midnight. This will ensure that they will be prepared to receive you whenever you show up at the hotel and keep your room reserved. 

Generally speaking, most hotel chains have staff working 24/7 in the hotels, so there will always be someone to welcome you at any given time. The most traffic is generated during the check in time of 2-3 pm, so you can readily check in after that hassle free. 

2. Have all your Documents Ready 

One of the most important tips for checking into a hotel at midnight is having all the necessary identification and hotel reservation documents for your hotel check in. It is a crucial thing you need to ensure because this mistake will be rather costly as most big hotel chains are not lenient at all and will deny your reservation without the proper documents. 

So have your passport or driver’s license, confirmation number, reservation papers, booking details, and form of payment ready before you set out on your vacation. Just taking pictures of your identification documents should suffice, but having hard copies of the hotel reservation is more appropriate. 

3. Have a Polite Attitude 

The way you present yourself and approach others can have a lot of effect on how people view you as an individual. So, even though you’re tired and it’s midnight, it is most likely that the front desk personnel are also tired.

So put on your best behavior and maintain a polite demeanor all throughout the check in process and with every authority personnel you encounter. Even if you face problems in your check in process, like your desired room being unavailable, having to wait longer than usual, or having to pay extra charges, communicate as calmly as possible to keep the staff on your side.

Maintaining such a polite tone and personality will ensure your stay is comfortable and as good as it can be. The staff will be inclined to look out for you and provide you with warm hospitality because being nice makes people comfortable around you.

4. Pitch in for a Discount! 

Because midnight is an unusual time to check in to a hotel at any location, it is the perfect time to pitch in and ask for a discount. Asking for such a discount can save you a hefty amount of money which you can, in turn, spend in enjoying your hard earned vacation time to the fullest.

Asking for a discount in this case when you are checking in at midnight is valid because, technically, you will be using your booked room for a shorter amount of time; that should count for something, right? While larger hotel chains will be reluctant to give you a discount, smaller cottage hotels are known to be more lenient. 

Even if you don’t end up getting the discount, it doesn’t hurt to ask once when you are checking in. One additional tip, though, is to do it when other guests are out of hearing range, i.e., earshot. 

5. Tipping Never Backfires

It should be common knowledge that tipping is always an excellent way to assert yourself during any process. We can assure you that tipping the staff on duty during check in will not only make the process go smoother but it can also earn you an upgrade. 

This will be a perfect thing to do at midnight because it will help to show your gratitude towards the staff on duty for checking you in at midnight. Tipping can earn you some free services, a free minibar, a late checkout, or even a bigger room. 

Whatever service you get, it will be worth it because just a little cash can fill up the difference between a good stay and an excellent one during your vacation period. Now the question that arises is, how much should you tip? It can be anywhere from $5 to $30, which should do the trick just fine. 

It can feel quite awkward when presenting a tip to the staff on duty, including the receptionist or even just the bellboy. But don’t feel upset about your actions, and just remember that it is an act of gratitude and kindness.

6. Address Everyone with their Name 

There’s an old adage that goes, “Give respect to get respect.” This is a thing or virtue that everyone, regardless of age and gender, should know because when respect is given to others, respect from others is earned. 

Doing the bare minimum acts that show respect can show that you are worthy of respect. So, when you check into a hotel at midnight, make sure to look around and take down a mental note of the names of the staff on duty. 

Addressing the staff on duty with their name can show that you respect them and that you are worthy of respect. Talking to someone using their name means that they will be more likely to listen to you with due attention, even if it’s a complaint regarding the facility they are working in at present.

7. Ask for a Corner Room  

Last but definitely not the least, everyone should know that corner rooms in almost all hotels are larger than the other rooms. This also holds true for rooms made and reserved especially for disabled people.

Now, why should you know this? Because checking into a hotel at midnight means you can easily benefit from the above given information. During the check in process, politely ask for a corner room for your stay.

If a corner room isn’t available, simply inquire about specially reserved handicapped rooms because if it’s empty, there’s no harm in it being used, and you can take advantage of the extra space to have a more comfortable stay!


Needless to say, checking into a hotel at midnight can be done quite easily by anyone. It is not as much of an awkward ordeal as everyone seems to make it; matter of fact, it’s quite the common thing to do.

Checking into a hotel is a very straightforward process, even though the procedures and amenities can vary from place to place. It all really depends on your location for your vacation and whether you’re patronizing a large chain hotel or a small boutique hotel. 

But some basic things you should consider is marking down your hotel’s location before arrival. You should also be prepared with all the necessities you can think of and have enough information regarding the hotel’s procedure to smooth the way to your stay at your chosen hotel during your vacation.

Not only can checking in at midnight save you a good amount of money, but it can make your stay more enjoyable too. So, make sure to follow the 7 tips for checking into a hotel at midnight and enjoy your stay at the hotel during your vacation period!

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