Obsessed with getting lost in different places in the world, I have chosen travel blogging as my passion. My innate wanderlust always inspires me to explore every corner of the world.

My approach towards developing Love Travel Mag

Originally, it was only my personal journey and a family trip to different places. It has now become translated into travel blogging as a career. I think that traveling has fed my hungry soul that has been suffering from loneliness. It has enabled me to rediscover some hidden facets.

I have never tried to glamorize my travel. Every blog posted on the platform reflects the labor of my true love for travel. I have recorded my beautiful memories carefully. The stories I have shared on this platform will inspire you to travel to unknown places.

Being a dedicated blogger and long-term traveler, I help you get the real spirit to start an adventure. I have gone beyond the borders to provide you with rich information. Every blog I have published on this site is a picturesque diary filled with inspiring tales and details about the culture of different places.  

Love Travel Mag has depicted the sagas of my road journey. It also dishes out some important information for intrepid adventurers, voyagers, and backpackers.

How I have made my blogs resourceful

At times, my journeys have been unplanned, and I have ventured out on different uncertain roads. This is how I have fulfilled my passion for traveling to dream destinations. Sometimes, I have traveled as a solo traveler, while at other times, I have taken my companions with me. However, I have also thought of sharing my travel experience with others, and that’s why I have started creating the travel blog, Love Travel Mag. 

At Love Travel Mag, I like to show how I have captured every place. From street foods to culture and architecture, my camera has tracked everything I have enjoyed. I have also highlighted the best restaurants, cafes, and hotels to help you in making the right decision for your upcoming trips.

I have tried to present myself as a multi-talented person- an avid traveler, an enthusiastic photographer, and a good writer at a time. My blog is aptly titled ‘Love Travel Magazine’ as the articles are chronicled like a travel magazine.