How to Travel with a Temporary Paper License

temporary paper licence

Traveling around the globe can be exciting unless you have all your travel essentials, including your travel IDs. But can you imagine hitting the airport call without your passport? Of course not! That is why people who are regular citizens of the US have a Temporary Paper License as proof of their identity.

So, people aiming to travel need to keep the basic proof of their identity with them when they arrive at the airport. Previously the Temporary Paper License was considered the identity proof for the citizens of the United States.

But now, the traveling rules have been upgraded. According to the instructions on the official website of TSA, people with a Temporary paper license can’t fly to other parts of the world.

You will find the following article helpful if you are from the same audience. So, let’s start and explore the facts about the permissions and restrictions of a Temporary Paper License during your flight.

Can You Fly With A Temporary Paper License 2022?

Can You Fly With A Temporary Paper License

The simple answer to this question is no. You can’t travel if you have a Temporary Paper License as the only proof of your identity. The basic rule behind this obligation is to have another copy of your photo ID or any other identity measure along with the Temporary Paper License.

If you have a Temporary Paper License in your pocket as your identity, you will not be able to fly. Besides the Temporary Paper License, you would need many other things to prove your identity. Some of these things include your passport (it can be active or expired) and the photo ID that you get from your federal government.

However, your passport should be fully active if you are traveling to your international destinations. An expired passport can also cause hindrance during your flight. If you belong to any Federal agency, you just need your ID from a State College or University. You should also keep your military ID along with the Temporary Paper License. Make sure to do this when thinking about flying. 

A temporary Paper License is that TSA doesn’t approve citizens with Temporary Paper License. The primary reason behind this is that the person will have no right to fly worldwide. When you are all set to board the plane, the authorities at the airport mark your identity. 

Will I Face TSA Check-in on a US Flight when Having Temporary Paper License?

Most people always wonder if they can fly with a temporary ID when they book their tickets to countries other than the US. In addition to this question, they also wonder if they will witness the TSA check for the US flight when they have a Temporary Driver’s License. 

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So, the simple answer is yes! If you are traveling only with Temporary Paper License, you are probably going through the TSA check.

With the DHS counterparts, TSA is now offering reliable alternatives for the Temporary Paper License for any traveling at the checkpoint.

Other than this, they don’t consider your weapon to permit proof of your identity. They can even find you or restrict you from betting board on the flight. 

So, the only solution is to take a solid proof of identity with you while traveling with a Temporary Paper License.

Identification that You Need to Travel in 2022

Travelling can change the way you work as it boosts efficiency. But, the hurdles during your travel can make you suffer a lot. A slight inconvenience in your travel due to the identity paperwork can cost you many problems. 

That is why the official notifications from TSA guide travelers about the number of identifications they need when they are all set to fly.

Per the instructions on October 1, 2021, all the passengers must have a REAL ID or complaint driver’s license as a basic proof of their identity. 

If you are above the age of 18, you should keep your ID with you every time you travel or fly around the world.

People above 18 should also keep a REAL ID-compliant driver’s license. It is also known as a state ID. It is indicated by the gold star present in the upper right corner of the credential. 

In almost all airports in the US, it is considered an acceptable form of identification. It can also be taken as an efficient alternative for your passport.

Can You Catch a Domestic Flight Without an ID

Domestic flights are pretty easy to follow than international flights. When traveling outside the US, you should take a complete bundle of documents with you just to show your identity. 

But, when you are catching up on a domestic flight, you do not need to entangle yourself in identification formalities.

So, you can easily travel without ID only if you are catching up on a domestic flight. Don’t worry about missing your flight if you have lost your ID or forgot to take it with you at the airport. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has many other essential ways to confirm your identity.

Travel with a Temporary Paper License

They can use the available databases to check whether you are eligible to enter the place or not. If you have lost your ID at home, you will have to spend your time completing your identity through a lengthy verification process.

So, the first thing you have to do is to enter the airport well before the actual time of your flight as you have to perform many legal actions.

Once you arrive at the airport, the TSA officer will check your basic information, including your name, current address, and other personal details. They will also confirm your identity by checking your essential details in the national database.

Best Alternatives of Temporary Paper License

You do not need to bother about missing your flight if you have lost your identity or mistakenly taken your Temporary Paper license. There are many other important alternatives that you can use to show your identity.

However, some of them are pretty obvious to travelers who are used to traveling around the globe. These options include:

  • Passports
  • Military IDs
  • Border crossing card
  • DHS trusted tarevler cars
  • DHS- designated enhanced driver’s license
  • HSPD-12 PIV Card
  • US Passport
  • US Passport Card
  • US Merchant Mariner Credential
  • Transportation work identification credential
  • Permanent resident card

Can You Fly with an Expired ID?

There are many exceptions to travel if you are carrying an expired ID. You may be able to travel the whole world when you have an expired ID with you. Currently, TSA is making temporary decisions or amendments to the rules they have made for international travel.

People who cannot renew their IDs don’t have to worry about renewing them when they think of traveling around the globe. Even if you have a state-issued ID, or precisely called a driver’s license, that is expired, you can easily travel up to a year after passing its expiry date.

Thus, just don’t worry if you have mistakenly kept an expired ID with you.

Can You Go Through Screen More Easily with a Temporary Paper License?

Crossing the TSA pre-check is not a big deal when having a temporary paper license as your identity. People questioning whether you can travel with a temporary license also want to cross the pre-check program of TSA in no time. 

You can implement different methods to cross the screening in less than the expected time interval.

Furthermore, you can take off your shoe belts and remove any metal pieces or laptops from the carry-on bags. TSA also charges about $85 mandatory fees to those trying to cross-check in no time. 

Another program called Global Entry or Customs and Border Protection (CBP) allows the users about all other expedited customs.

The low-risk travelers in the US can also cover all the background checks and interviews by keeping better alternatives of Temporary Paper License. 

Thus, if you are considering crossing the TSA pre-check with your Temporary Paper License, don’t forget to keep the alternatives with you.


So if we conclude the above discussion in a nutshell, it is pretty obvious that you can’t travel with your Temporary Paper License. The rules for international in the US have changed now.

We suggest you take your passport or other necessary identity documents. Don’t miss it when considering traveling globally as a US citizen.

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  1. Is an expired Oregon license, a temporary paper license and a vaccination card enough ID to board a domestic flight out of Las Vegas?
    Also, is it possible to pre-check with that information? I don’t have a passport. Should I bring my birth certificate?

  2. Vivian Shepherd

    I recently renewed my state issued ID card and was given a temporary paper card. I’m not sure if the hard copy will arrive before my flight from Chicago (Midway) to Memphis on July 7, 2022. What can I do to ensure I don’t miss my flight?

  3. Allison Gioffredi

    I have to get a paper license as my hard copy is lost. If my hard copy doesn’t come in time am I able to fly with my paper copy from DSM-BNA?

  4. Did you find out if you can fly on a domestic flight with just your temporary paper ID? We are facing this issue for our 86 year old mother and I can’t find a solid answer on the websites. I was just wondering if you ever found out the correct info.
    Thank you for your time.

  5. Currently in NY with my 5 and 3 year old. I can not find my TX license. I ordered a new one and printed the temporary they sent to me. What happens when I get to airport? Can I still go through TSA pre check?

  6. Need to know if you can fly Domestic flights and otherwise not flying out of state with a paper Ida K license per lurk drivers per minute

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