Best Muslim Friendly Hotels in Singapore

Muslim in Singapore

Are you on a budget trip to Singapore and want to stay in some of the best hotels with great ambiance and facilities? If yes, you are at the right place. Many halal hotels in Singapore provide excellent facilities for Muslims. 

Singapore is one of the world’s most visited tourist countries, famous for its sparkling beauty, skyline, and robust economy. It has so many exciting activities and events that foreigners want to attend. Plus, it offers many things that no one can expect in other countries.

Though it is a small island, it has occupied considerable space in everyone’s heart. Singapore is famous for its high-class hotels and facilities even. They are even famous for their halal hotel buffets.

Singapore hotels with halal breakfast can be challenging for Muslim tourists, especially in European countries! But if you are on a visit to Singapore, don’t worry; many hotels are providing the facility of halal meals to their Muslim customers.

List Of Some Best Halal Hotels In Singapore

If you are a Muslim and want the best facilities available and stay in Singapore, this article is for you. We have listed some of the best hotels for Muslims available in Singapore. Some of these are as follows:

Village Hotel Changi, The main concern of Muslim visitors, is finding a hotel close to the downtown and airport; if you are also wondering, this is the best hotel for you. It is the Village Hotel Changi, 10 km from Singapore international airport and a 10-minute ride at most. It is a 4-star hotel, and you can explore it at a very suitable price. 

One of the best features that make this hotel unique is that it provides many facilities at a lower price. A golf course is also 2 miles away, so you can enjoy that too. Security is also not compromised; the room has a security safe, fire extinguisher, and smoke alarms.

This hotel is near the beach if you want to relax and enjoy some fresh air you can visit that too. The hotel is also not far from the mosque and is a walkway from the hotel. Book a room at this hotel on and enjoy their services.


  • The rooms in these hotels come with a master bed according to the need. 
  • Kitchen facilities include a coffee maker, an oven, and a mini-fridge that you can use to cool the beverages.
  • The plus point is that they have a halal hotel buffet. So you can order anything from the menu while watching television in your room.
  • The room also comes with a WIFI facility, and other facilities include two pools, a spa, and a gymnasium. It also has an infinity pool.
  • The best advantage is the free shuttle from the hotel to the airport. You can avail of the service quickly.
  1. The Grand Mercure Roxy

You can select a wide range of hotels when you visit Singapore. We are with another excellent hotel in Singapore. It is a halal hotel. You have to drive 15 minutes from the airport straight to this hotel.

It has one of the best Halal buffets in the Singapore hotel industry. It has been certified by the Muslim community of Singapore and is famous for its delicious halal foods, especially breakfast. It provides room service for breakfast and dinner, and snacks. You can visit the halal eateries that are a walkway from this hotel. 

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There is also an east coast near the hotel. Rent a bicycle and explore the beach and amuse yourself with views. Cleaning facilities are also available, but they have some additional charges. You can also avail of the private parking facility on-site, which would cost you extra money. 


  • This hotel provides four dining options, an outdoor swimming pool, and a spacious room with a cable TV.
  • The room has an attached bath that has all the bathrobes. A minibar also contains halal beverages, and an ironing facility is also included.
  • The plus point is that they provide you with the currency exchange service, and guests can gather further information about the assistance from the tour desk.
  • It has a bar on the 4th floor that provides Halal drinks and European cuisine. In addition, it has some of the best Asian cuisines.
  • If you are traveling with your kids, don’t worry, this hotel provides a babysitting facility.
  1. Marina Mandarin Singapore

If you want your trip to be luxurious, stay in a luxury hotel, and enjoy some of their best services, this hotel is for you. It is Marina Mandarin Singapore, a 5-star hotel famous for its facilities and luxurious stay among tourists. It can be your best stay to view the skyline and the marina bay from your balcony/window. 

It has the best internationally certified kitchen, famous for its mouth-watering variety of different international and some traditional halal foods. In addition, it provides you with the best halal breakfast in Singapore. Facilities like the 25-meter swimming pool and the spa gymnasium are also available in this luxury hotel. If you want everything accessible, this hotel can be the best option because many tourist attractions like the Singapore flyer, the marina square shopping mall, and the esplanade are near this hotel.

The famous Sultan mosque at north bridge road is also near this hotel. The service provided is also exceptional. Room service for breakfast is also available. The hotel also offers a halal buffet with some excellent halal seafood and delicious cuisines.


  • This hotel provides an outdoor swimming pool and a kid’s Swimming pool. 
  • Free WIFI is also available in all the areas, and for entertainment, the room has a sleek and intelligent LED so you can enjoy any show you want.
  • The hotel also provides activities like manicures, pedicure facial treatment, body scrub, and beauty services. And to your surprise, they are free. 
  • It provides you with a luxury feel. In addition, it has some of the best halal buffets.
  • The air conditioner is also available in all the rooms. In addition, the elevator is heated, and the guests have a separate area for smoking.
  1. Royal Plaza on Scotts

Choosing the best hotel out of thousands present in Singapore is sometimes challenging. We are here to guide you about the best hotel in Singapore you can consider staying in. it is called the Royal Plaza on Scotts. One of the best things about this hotel is that it is located in the heart of Singapore. These five-star hotels provide you with all the basic amenities our visitor needs.

Many famous shopping malls like paragon Are just a walk away from this hotel. They have an exceptional buffet that provides halal Mediterranean and Asian cuisines.


  •  The best thing about this hotel is that they provide you with a separate prayer room, and they also provide you with the prayer mats in the direction of Qibla is also marked in the prayer rooms.
  •  Beauty and hair salons are also present in this hotel. 
  • Guests can also avail themselves of dry cleaning, laundry, ironing, and room services.
  •  They also provide extra security; they have CCTV cameras in all the standard rooms, and your room would have a smoke alarm, a fire extinguisher, and a safety box.
  • They have no compromise on the health of their visitors. That’s why they have taken extra hygiene and health measures.
  1. Furama Hotel

If you want your hotel to be conveniently located to visit all the tourist locations quickly, then this hotel will suit you the best. It is located in the heart of Singapore, Chinatown. Many famous tourist locations are just a 5-minute walk away from this hotel.

The mosque is also not far from this hotel. You can easily access prayer mats from the hotel service in your room. The balcony of the room provides a sparkling view of Marina Bay Sands, and you can also enjoy its famous Marina Bay Sands halal food. 


  • This hotel has a fitness center and a spa.
  • This hotel also has vending machines for food and drinks.
  • Traveling with kids can be hard sometimes but don’t worry; this hotel also provides a babysitting facility to have a fantastic experience.
  • Free parking is another excellent facility you can avail of by booking a room in this hotel.
  •  They also provide currency exchange services and have a separate tour desk from which you can get any information related to the tour.


Where to find Singapore hotels with halal breakfast?

If you are visiting Singapore, you may concern about halal food. It is not a big deal. You will find lots of hotels and restaurants that deliver halal food in Singapore. You can search on Google Maps and easily find those hotels and restaurants where you will find halal breakfast. Here are a few places where you will find halal breakfast in Singapore:

Does Singapore serve halal food?

Singapore is a sizeable Muslim country means that halal food is abundant (food that adheres to Islamic law) and available everywhere.

Is it hard to find halal food in Singapore?

Halal food for Muslims is not difficult to find in Singapore, and delicious halal meals are everywhere. In addition, you will find a wide range of Muslim-friendly cuisine, from Chinese beef noodles to Spanish tapas for sharing.

How can you tell if food is halal?

Foods with a halal symbol on their packaging have been approved by a certified agency and are certified free of prohibited elements or components. Halal claims on the nutrition label or the packaging must contain the credential body’s name.

Can Halal restaurants serve alcohol?

All harmful things are non-Halal. Examples include the meat of dead animals and birds, the flesh of swine (pork), intoxicating drugs, and alcoholic beverages. MUIS Halal-certified establishments use halal ingredients and do not serve alcohol in drinks or food.


We have tried our best to list some best options in the above article. You can consider choosing any of these options and enjoy your best stay as a Muslim in Singapore! 

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