7 World Wide Cuisines And Their Most Popular Food

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The world is full of different types of people having different cultures. These cultures possess different kinds of traditions, religions, and cuisines. Food has always been the center of attraction in every culture. But over the past few years, the food has traveled from its origin to different parts of the world. 

Are you a fan of having different cuisines on your dinner table? Then you must be thankful for the food imports and exports that are making food available for you without any boundaries or borders. You often witness the same food tastes different when prepared in other countries this is because every country in the world follows different cooking styles for different kinds of food. But still, people love to explore different cuisines for their meals. 

Are you also eager to know about worldwide cuisines and the most popular food of that cuisine? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. In this article, we will discuss different types of cuisines around the world and their most famous dish. Let’s quickly dig into the article.

Different Types of Cuisines

If you are a food lover, you might want to try different types of cuisines available in every corner of the world. But to taste these foods, there are two options, i.e., you can either visit the country to enjoy that food or cook it on your own by using the specific recipes and ingredients. Are you interested in gaining knowledge about different cuisines? 

In this article, we’ll discuss::

  • Cuisine of China
  • French Cuisine
  • Japanese Cuisine
  • Indian Cuisine
  • German Cuisine 
  • Korean Cuisine
  • Mexican Cuisine

Cuisine of China

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The first cuisine we will talk about is Chinese cuisine. According to surveys, Chinese cuisine is considered one of the healthiest cuisines as most of the foods are based on freshly picked vegetables, soups, and noodles. The famous and unique thing about Chinese culture is they always use chopsticks to eat everything; whether it is rice or noodles, they always prefer chopsticks.

Basically, China has the treasure of food as it consists of eight popular cuisines, i.e., Anhui, Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan, and Zhejiang cuisines. Chinese food is famous because of its unique and traditional recipes. 

The use of soya sauce and chili sauce along wth pepper is the must-have ingredient in Chinese cuisines. These ingredients can be used in different ways in different kinds of food to give it a different and unique taste.

Moreover, the Chinese always make food to be very soft and bite-size so it can easily be consumed with the help of chopsticks.

French Cuisine

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Now let’s talk about one of the world’s intangible cultural heritage, i.e., French cuisine. French cuisine is world-famous for its best fineness and flavors. The signature ingredient of french dishes is Cheese. From Brie to Camembert and from Burgundy to Chardonnay, anywhere you go, you will always find the plates with cheese as the main or side ingredient. 

Another popular ingredient they use in almost all their food is wine. Wine gives the food an unforgettable, different, and unique taste. Moreover, french foods also make extensive use of butter, herbs, leaves, chocolates, and various types of vegetables. 

The most popular and world-known food in french cuisine is seafood. They mainly focus on the ingredients and how to use different elements to give the food a unique and unforgettable taste. 

Among all the french cuisine, you must try their most classic dish, i.e., Le boeuf bourguignon, which is also known as beef burgundy.

Japanese Cuisine

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When we think about Japanese cuisine, the first thing that comes to our mind is “Sushi.” But trust us, Japanese cuisine is much more than just sushi. The most prominent foods of Japanese cuisine are rice and miso soups. Just like the Chinese, the Japanese also use chopsticks to have their food, and this is the main reason they make their food soft and bite-sized.

In Japanese cuisine, seafood is considered an essential element. Other than sushi, tofu is another most popular dish in Japanese cuisines. In Japan and almost around the whole world, people are fond of having sushi and tofus. 

Japanese often emphasizes the seasonal ingredients and love to have fishes, stir-fried vegetables, or vegetables cooked in broth as their side dish. Apart from sushi and tofu, the must-try Japanese words are:

  • Tempura,
  • Sashimi,
  • Miso Soup.
  • Soba, and
  • Udon Noodles.

Indian Cuisine

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As far as Indian cuisine is concerned, they are famous for their regional and traditional cuisines. Indian people are a fan of spices, and this is the main reason they use lots of spices in their foods. 

Indian cuisine mainly consists of a wide range of curries, rice dishes, meats, vegetables, and bread. The thing that makes Indian cuisine world famous is the subtle use of ingredients like spices and vegetables. As Indians are fond of food, they have lots of different options for different meals, and even for snacks, they have unique and diverse options. 

You can have Tandoori chicken, Paneer butter masala, Naan Bread, Biryani ( originated by Muslims in India), and much more in the main meals. However, for the snacks, you can have India’s world-famous samosa, Pau Bhaaji, vegetable pakoras, and the list goes on. 

The Indian people have a tradition of serving desserts at the end of their food, especially after dinner. The most famous desserts of Indian cuisines are Gulaab Jamun and Jalebi. Another most famous tradition of India is they always serve in Thalies. 

German Cuisine

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Are you a meat lover? If yes, then German cuisine is definitely for you. Almost all the German food must have meat in it with a variety of greenery like cabbage and kale. The most popular and signature dish of German cuisine is sausages which can be now seen in almost every corner of the world. 

The German cuisine highly emphasizes meat, porks, bread, and potatoes that are used in different and unique styles for making different dishes. German cuisine is often regarded as the filling, rich and stodgy cuisine as it uses a large number of carbs and proteins in it. 

As Germany is located in the middle of Central Europe, it shares traditions with neighboring countries like Poland and the Czech Republic. The most popular food to have in German Cuisine is:

  • Traditional German potato salad,
  • Wurst and sauerkraut,
  • Roast beef stew,
  • Beef roll,
  • Pork knuckle, 
  • Rabbit stew,
  • Bratwurst,
  • Doner kebab, and
  • Saumegan. 

These are among the famous dishes of Germany worldwide. 

Korean Cuisine

When we talk about Korea, the thing that hits our minds is K-pop. But other than k-pop, their cuisine is the best thing to discuss. When we talk about Korean cuisine, the main things that come to our minds are rice, vegetables, and seafood. If you are talking about South Korea, then you should add meat to the list of primary ingredients. 

Typically in Korean dishes, there is an absence of one of the essential food groups, i.e., diary. But despite the fact that they don’t use dairy in their meals, their meals are still considered more healthy than any other American food. This is because the major portion of Korean food consists of vegetables, and they often use minimal oil for cooking.

The most famous and world-known foods from Korean cuisine are:

  • Kimchi,
  • Bibimbap,
  • Red rice cake,
  • Korean stew,
  • Jajangmyeon, and
  • Korean fried chicken.

Mexican Cuisine

Have you ever heard about the most trending and famous dish, tacos? These tacos are from the world-famous Mexican cuisine. Mexican cuisine is renowned for its three staple ingredients that are: corn, beans, and hot peppers. According to UNESCO, Mexican cuisine is listed under the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

The most popular Mexican food includes:

  • Tacos (consist of corns and wheat tortilla),
  • Chilaquiles,
  • Pozole
  • Tostadas
  • Elote,
  • Chiles en nogada,
  • Enchiladas,
  • Mole,
  • Guacamole, and
  • Tamales.

You must try all of these foods if you ever have the opportunity to visit Mexico. We are sure you will immediately fall in love with Mexican cuisine.

Wrap Up

Apart from the cuisines we have discussed in this article, there are lot more cuisines you will love to taste. Those cuisines include Brazilian cuisine, American cuisine, Scottish cuisine, Greek cuisine, and the list goes on. All these cuisines have their unique signature dishes made with their popular ingredients in their traditional style. These worldwide cuisines are worth trying. 

We hope you enjoy this informative article about world-famous cuisines.

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